Open access regime from Bromley & Cernea (1989)

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Defines concept Open access regime
Preferred definition No
Quotation access situation in which there is no property (res nullius). Because there are no property rights in an open access situation, it is logically inconsistent to assert — as many often do — that "everybody's property is nobody's property." It can only be said that "everybody's access is nobody's property." Whether it is a lake fishery, grazing forage, or fuelwood, a resource under an open access regime will belong to the party to first exercise control over it...

Open access results from the absence — or the breakdown —- of a management and authority system whose very purpose was to introduce and enforce a set of norms of behavior among participants with respect to the natural resource. When valuable natural resources are available to the first party to effect capture, it is either because those natural resources have never before been incorporated into a regulated social system, or because they have become open access resources through institutional failures that have undermined former collective or private property/management regimes.

Pages 19-20
From reference Bromley & Cernea (1989)
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